Guides To Heavy Duty Automatic Metal Coil Blanking Line

Heavy duty automatic metal coil blanking line is a kind of automatic production equipment widely used in manufacturing industry, it was used to produce metal stamping part used in auto stamping parts, metal cover part used in refrigerator, washer, air conditioner etc. bring customers high speed, high precision, high stability of intelligent processing technology.

At the same time, customer-facing solutions are more flexible in their scope of application.

Comprise of The Metal Coil Blanking Line
1 set heavy duty coil feeding line (3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder or independent heavy decoiler, straightener and servo feeder etc.)
1 set heavy duty punch machine with blanking dies (different products different stamping dies)
1 set or 2 sets auto conveyor belt (used to conveyor workpieces automatically)
1 set or 2 sets auto stacking system (Stacking workpieces in laminations automaticallly)


Metal coil blanking production line is also called metal plate blanking line, mainly used for coil uncoiling, straightening, feeding, blanking, product conveying and auto stacking processing etc.

It provides a mature set of operational manufacturing procedures from the uncoiling unit to the levelling feed unit to the conveying stack unit. With the development of the manufacturing industry and the growth of market demand, the modular design solution invests advanced process knowledge into self-built equipment, which is tailored to the production needs of customers.

Nowadays, the design and optimization demand of large-scale uncoiling blanking production line is also increasing, and the continuous high-quality optimization of uncoiling also solves many technical problems for customers and provides value-added services.

The uncoiling blanking stamping line is used to fix the material coil on the inner diameter expanding and shrinking part of the supporting material coil, and configure the press following system for detecting the outer diameter of the material coil to control the uncoiling speed and improve the bulk material condition. Through the material ring control command to make the spindle intermittent rotation of uncoiling and discharging. Thus ensuring uniform uncoiling operation.

Secondly, the reverse bending principle is used to release the internal stress of the material by repeated bending through two rows of leveling rollers staggered up and down to level the plate, and the precision is reached to the die of the punching press according to the set feeding length.

Finally, the conveying stacking unit receives the finished sheet from the conveying belt, and the turning or receiving mechanism beats the neatly palletizing and stamping to the side of the unit. With CNC adjustment plate size, automatic counting function, communication with PLC, direct digital display on the man-machine interface. It can also be equipped with MES system for digital management to upgrade smart factories.


After the procedure of large uncoiling blanking production line is roughly developed, cleaned and flattened, it is combined with punches and molds to press out the preliminary appearance of the sheet metal, or cut out the square, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal and other shapes of the sheet metal through the matching cutting mold, and through the magnetic stacking system, the stamped sheet metal parts are transported to the workstation in a magnetic way at high speed for orderly stacking. To facilitate the use of subsequent stamping production lines.

Related to large-scale uncoiling and blanking production lines, the following aspects can be discussed:

Choose the Appropriate Uncoiling Equipment
Uncoiler in processing, basically can be widely used in a lot of cutting or some stamping industry. In people’s purchase, not only because the uncoiler price is affordable, the degree of automation is relatively high, it has a certain stability, or because they themselves also have an important advantage, The selection device of the uncoiler in the process of actual customization and processing is also very important, in this case, the uncoiler processing also has its own processing guarantees.

It is worth saying that the material flow direction: according to the process flow of the production line and the material transportation path, determine the location and direction of the uncoiling equipment. Ensure that materials move smoothly to the next process and minimize material waste.

Mechanical Design and Control
Blanking mechanism is an important part of large open coiling blanking production line, and its blanking design and control are closely related to product quality specifications and efficiency. The following can be divided into three aspects:

1.Blanking Accuracy: According to the customized needs of the product, determine the accuracy requirements of the blanking mechanism, and design the corresponding structure and transmission mode, for example, the use of high-precision guide rail, screw transmission and other technologies to improve the blanking accuracy.
2.Blanking Stability: Through reasonable selection of materials, improve structural rigidity and other means to improve the stability of the blanking mechanism, to ensure that there will be no problems such as jitter or offset during operation.
3.Blanking Speed: According to the needs of the production line and process requirements, determine the appropriate blanking speed. By adjusting the parameters of the drive system and optimizing the control algorithm, the fast and stable blanking operation is realized.

Production Efficiency Optimization
In order to improve the production power of large uncoiling blanking production line, it can be optimized from the following aspects:

Process Improvement: By improving the cutting process, optimizing the feeding method and other means. Improve cutting speed and utilization. For example, the use of multi-head simultaneous cutting, automatic feeding and other technologies.

Production Process Optimization: Reasonable arrangement of work order and reduce switching time to avoid unnecessary downtime. Improve the operation efficiency of the production line through fine scheduling and task allocation.

Quality Control Optimization
Ensuring product quality is an important issue that cannot be ignored in the design and operation of large-scale uncoiling blanking production line.

The establishment of a perfect quality control system and the use of advanced detection technology and measures for quality control can greatly reduce the rate of defective products and enhance the stability of product quality. At the same time, ensuring timely adjustment and optimization of production parameters is also an important means to ensure product quality.


In summary, we fully understand the working principle and development of large-scale uncoiling blanking production line.

Through the explanation of this chapter, we hope to get more exposure rate of open coiling blanking production line can be widely used. To ensure the recognition and wide use, constantly reflect its value in use, and make every effort to meet the needs of customers.

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