1800 Model Coil Fed Laser Cutting Line

Coil fed laser cutting lines are ideal for cutting thin sheets of metal, such as high tensile steel, low carbon steel, SS as well as other material. The continuous feed of the material ensures consistent cutting quality, as well as high cutting speeds and accuracy.

The comprising of the coil fed laser cutting lines. It usually was made up of 1 set heavy decoiler with auto loading car, 1 set precision sheet metal leveling machine or metal strip straightening machine, 1 set coil feeder, 1 set heavy duty laser machine, it also can match scrap rolling machine and product manipulator with auto stacking system etc.

Our coil fed laser cutting lines operate at high speeds and produce exceptional processing quality. It has some advantages comparing stamping press line or in raw material in sheets.


Flexible Production
It has apparent advantages for small amount and multi-products orders comparing to stamping press line, saving stamping dies cost and maintenance cost, much reducing lead time etc.


Easily change the organization of the production programs. It has great advantages of facing unexpected production stops and reacting faster to continuously changing customer demands.


Highest possible material utilization and efficient waste management
Fully optimized use of material; the amount of scrap is reduced, around 10% against conventional blanking.

It can save up to 16% of raw material in coils comparing raw material of sheets. Moreover, It can increase up to 16% of material utilization adopting efficient nesting.


Space saving, setup cost saving and maintenance cost saving
It can save much space and foundation cost etc. for producing big size products than blanking by stamping press line which need deep pit for press and coil feeding line etc. It also saves much space for stamping dies storage and maintenance cost for stamping dies etc.

Capacity for different material type and thickness etc
It’s capable for different material type and thickness, no matter low carbon steel, stainless steel or Aluminum, copper etc.


Main parameters of the coil fed laser cutting line

No. Item Main parameters Remarks
1 Material capacity Low carbon steel, stainless steel, high tensile steel etc.  
2 Width range 100-1800mm  
3 Thickness capacity 0.5-3.0mm Can customized as buyer’s requirements
4 Max. coil weight 15T Can customized as buyer’s requirements
5 Coil fed speed 1-20m/min Can customized as buyer’s requirements
6 Leveling/straightening accuracy Less than 1.0mm per meter  
7 AC voltage 3 phase 380V 50HZ Or local voltage