Heavy Duty Metal Plate Blanking Line

This is a set high speed metal plate blanking line, comprised of automatic high speed coil feeding line, punch machine, conveyor belts and auto stacker device etc. As the material is hot rolled steel, the strip isn’t in alignment, it has to straight strip’s edge and make it in alignment, so it has to equip with strip edge alignment device. Meanwhile, some section’s strip is in wave shape payoff from coils, it has to process strip to be very flat before entering the stamping dies, so it equips with two section’s straighteners. Moreover, it was designed high speed coil feeding of 25m/min, it has sent pit to reserve enough loop so as to it can speed up and come to the aim of high speed feeding.

Comprising of the coil feed line.

1)5T heavy decoiler with loading car

2)Press arm device with strip head guide and insert device.

3)strip edge alignment part

4)First section’s straightener

5)Strip head hydraulic shear

6)Support bridge with loop sensor device

7)Second section straightener feeder device with spray type oil feeder

1. For the 5T heavy decoiler with loading car


For the heavy decoiler, it can be switched between motorized and powerless, as it equips with AC motor equipping with clutch. It’s motorized when at manual model, it’s convenient to payoff strip head from coil, next, it can be switched to be powerless after strip head go through following pinching rollers, straightener etc. then strips were pulled through forwards. It’s top payoff strip type, so it doesn’t need to be very heigh of the decoiler than down payoff decoiler, moreover, it can save space between decoiler and following equipment of top payoff type than down payoff type. For the 5T loading car. It was put in the pit and used to carry, lift and install coil on decoiler’s mandrel automatically. It’s convenient and safe than overhead crane or hydraulic forklift.

2.Press arm device with strip head guide, insert device.

Press arm was used to press coil’s surface and prevent coil getting loose. Meanwhile, it equips with “V” shape strip head guide and insert device, lower guide plates are stretchable, so as to it can peel off strip head from coils, then the hydraulic press roller press upper curved strip head to be flat, so as to strip head can be pinched forwards by the pinch rollers and go through pinch roller smoothly.

3.Strip edge alignment part

It was made up of a columns of strip edge alignment device, making the strip edge get straightened. It was driven by hydraulic of strip edge wheels adjusted on horizontal and vertical position.


4.First section’s straightener

Some section’s strips were in wave shape, it can get much flat after straightening by the first setion’s straightener machine.


Strips in wave payoff from coil and before straightening


Strips get flat by first section’s straightener machine

5.Strip head hydraulic shear

It was used to cut strip head because it had got out of shape or with welded spot in this part.


6.Support bridge with loop sensor device

It’s convenient to support and guide strips from front equipment to the rear equipment for the support bridges. The support bridges were driven to be in horizontal position so as to strip head can come to straightener feeder smoothly, then support bridges come down and then strips come down, too and reserve loops in the pit. Furthermore, it set loop control sensor on the pit’s bottom.


7.Straightener feeder with spray type oil feeder.


It combines precision straightener and servo feeder in one machine, strips were flat by the second section’s straightener machine so as to achieve precision straightening accuracy. Then strips were fed to stamping dies synchronously with punch machine, it can release upper straightening rollers and feeding rollers after each stamping, so as to it can clear accumulated feeding error by releasing material and modified feeding error by the centering pins. Moreover, it equips with spray oil feeder which can add lubrication oil on strip’s surface. It’s automatic oil feeder, it can spray oil intermittently not continuously, because it will spray too much oil on strip and make machine and ground dirty if spraying oil continuously.