High Speed Cut To Length Line Machine

  • Model: High speed cut to length line machine
  • Place origin: China
  • Warranty date: 1 year
  • Certification: CE
  • Installation and debugging: Engineers onsite technical support is available.
  • Package: plywood case/film
  • Price terms: FOB SHENZHEN or other Chinese port etc.
  • Payment terms: T/T, L/C etc.
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Delivery: 30-60 days
  • Application: to realize metal coil automatic punching/cut to length/blanking etc., widely used for working with punch press /power press /press brake/ hydraulic press machine/shearing machine etc.


This economical cut to length line designed and manufactured by HAIWEI is used to process the metal coils less than 4mm through uncoiling, leveling and cutting then turned into flattened plate with desired length.
It consists of uncoiler, straightener, feeder, shearing machine, conveyor, and economical stacking system.
To get higher speed, there is a big loop in uncoiler and straightener is driven by servo motor. The max feed speed can be up to 60m/min.
Lower cost, greater flexibility (without pit) and higher speed embody the high economical use of cut to length line of HAIWEI.

A cut to length machine is a powerful tool used for cutting different materials to desired short lengths with exceptional precision. These machines are generally used in various industrial sectors, such as automotive industries, woodworking industries, chemical processing plants, and the like. A cut to length machine may also be called a template machine as it uses a rotating drum or cutter bed along with cutting tools to shape the required material to the desired short length. With the help of this equipment, the desired shape can be obtained relatively quickly and easily.

A cut to length machine is designed for making straight, curved, or curved cuts to suit different cutting requirements. A variety of materials can be cut to desired short lengths with the help of these machines. Metals like steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, fiberglass, etc. are cut to the desired standard or custom shapes by a cut to length machine. A cut to length machine can also be called a template machine as it uses a rotating drum or cutter bed along with cutting tools to form the required shape to the desired short length.

A cut to length machine can cut both flat and curved structures. Shapes can be obtained as per specific requirements when high performance cutters are used. This equipment is a combination of hands and power that ensures accurate, speedy, and consistent performance. These types of machines are used for welding and fabrication in industries such as automotive, chemical, furniture, textile, aerospace, etc.

Cut to length machines are used for cutting a wide range of materials. For example, it can cut sheet metal to the desired short length. Sheet metal can be manually cut to desired length as per requirement. A cut to length machine can perform simple operations such as uncoiling or coiling with or without heat. These machines are extremely helpful for cutting any type of material from thin gauge steel to thick gauge steel.

In addition to the above operations, it can cut any other type of material such as pipes, tubes, sheet steel, tubing, thin-gauge steel, sheet metal, brass, aluminum, iron, copper, zinc, plastic, etc. These machines have various features such as different speed and feed rates, variable coil feed rates, variable speed cutting torch, etc. The main advantage is that this equipment can perform a variety of tasks other than cutting. It can wrap or welded together any other type of fiber, metal or other material to produce an attractive product. The cutters are specially designed to cut light gauge materials to desired flat or curved shapes.

Many industries require uncoiled or coiled electrical wire. To cut the heavy-gauge wire into desired sizes, it is important to use an efficient cut to length machine. An electric uncover machine is a useful and easy to use tool. If you are looking for a machine that performs a variety of tasks other than cutting, it is an ideal choice.