High Speed Roll Feeder Rfs Series

  • Model: RFS
  • Place origin: China
  • Warranty date: 1 year
  • Installation and debugging: Engineers onsite technical support is available.
  • Package: plywood case/film
  • Price terms: FOB SHENZHEN or other Chinese port etc.
  • Payment terms: T/T, L/C etc.
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Delivery: 30-60 days
  • Application: to realize metal coil automatic punching/cut to length/blanking etc., widely used for working with punch press /power press /press brake/ hydraulic press machine/shearing machine etc.


  • Structure Features

  • Unilateral bearing
    Enchased cemented carbide alloy, and equip with roller bearing, it have good abrasive resistance, stability, accuracy and long lifetime. The gear is hardened to HRC60 after heat treatment and grounded to the best transmission accuracy.
  • Roller
    We adopt hollow type roller as it is light and low inertia, it can stop immediately, ensure the precision of feeding.
    After being heated treatment HRC60°. Chroming and grinding, so the roller has high hardness, good abrasive resistance and and long lifetime.
  • Disk Brake
    Apply best brake lining disc for best accuracy, durability and stability.
  • The reversing device
    a. The structure is same as unilateral bearing. It can control the down roller accurately and prevent the roller reversing even for long time. Thus it can improve the stability and accuracy.
    b. The brakes will not out of control by the splashed waste oil with the anti-reversing device. Generally the waste oil will cause the down roller reverse when the press machine is punching.
    c. It will not cause high heat.
    d. it applied hard alloy and roller to make sure the good abrasive resistance.
    e. movement method and ball are doing circular motion , not straight movement of 4 pillar, so it will not appear lock phenomenon.
    f. small friction force, make the related transmission twisting force decreasing, driver construction is not easy to be broken.
    g. special construction increase the working life.
  • Precision

  • The accuracy can meet 0.05mm, basis on the different feeding length of stock and strokes. If it has the guide pin for location, the accuracy can be better to ±0.01mm.
  • Type

  • Single type: It is suitable for thick material (thickness is above 0.15mm), single process punching or multi-process punching products.
  • Multiple-ytpe: It is suitable for the thin material (thickness is lower 0.15mm), single process punching products, as metal sheet, plates and so on.
  • Advantage

  • 1. High productivty: Continuous process is available.
  • 2. High speed: It can approach 600 strokes per minute.
  • 3. Universality: It can be used for different width and thickness material, only need to adjust the feeder to match with moulds.
  • 4. It adopts simple structure, economoical, easy maintenance and less trouble.



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