Independent Manipulator Transfer System

Brief introduction of the independent manipulator transfer system for heavy duty multi-punch line.

It’s more and more popular to replace manpower by automatic equipment in modern industry, so as to increase producing efficiency, product quality and reduce labor intensity etc. It’s popular in stamping area, too. Especially in bigger size metal stamping parts which used to be processed in a group of heavy punch machine. This article is mainly to introduce an auto stamping line adopting independent manipulators for stamping press line as follows:

Process flow: Double station blank feeder or coil feed line with shear→- 1  detached manipulator picking/feeding →- 1 # punching machine stamping processing →- 2  detached manipulator picking/feeding → 2 # punching machine stamping processing, →-3 independent type manipulator picking/feeding  →3 # punching machine stamping processing  →- 4 independent type of machines  Hand take/feed →4# punching machine stamping processing →-5 independent manipulator take/feed→ 5# punching machine stamping processing →conveyor belt out of the material

1. Brief introduction on independent manipulator

The independent manipulator is suitable for heavy duty use punch machines, big size of workpieces, heavy workpieces, long travel route etc. It has advantages of high stability, high efficiency, high precision, high safety, long service life etc. Manipulator can control the presses running in linkage or independent runs which can be set in the HMI directly, it can stop of the whole line in case any part failed to run. The left and right transmission mechanism adopts servo motor + gear + rack device, the up and down transmission mechanism adopts servo motor + screw + balance cylinder device, it adopts vacuum or electromagnetic suction cup, so workpieces were grabbed firmly during transferring, moreover, it equips with automatic lubrication system, ensuring the manipulator of running smoothly and durable.

2. Action steps of the independent manipulator.

3. Brief introduction on the electrical control system

3.1 BUS control.

It adopted one set MITSUBISHI Q series PLC to control the whole transfer manipulator line which adopted bus control mode, without the permission of the main operating station, the equipment can’t be controlled separately. The manipulator exchanges signals with PLC through fieldbus. PLC is responsible for the unified management of the safety and function of the whole line automation. PLC through communication with punch and other equipment for data exchange. The IO signal on site is connected with PLC by means of sub-station.

3.2 Manipulator operation mode

It has two operating modes; “Manual” and “automatic”, it also has the function of  “automatic/manual” model in each independent control station.

Automatic mode: normal production mode, cycle sequence continuous movement. In this mode, the press runs in a single stroke, and stops at the dead end of the fast slide waiting for instructions. In the cycle of the press, the manipulator collects the position information of the press slider and completes the loading and unloading action.

Manual mode: maintenance and debugging mode, to realize all the actions of each device in the system, must be in accordance with the preset trajectory of the production program.

3.3 Sound and light alarm device.

Manipulator unit and line head unit are equipped with equipment running state indicators, with initial state, running state, fault state, etc., and can return to the initial state one by one or unified two ways under the control of the operation station. Sound and light alarm unit as the auxiliary tool of the whole line safety system, it can timely inform the operator to deal with the occurrence of various abnormal conditions such as equipment start and stop, failure, refuting, loading and unloading failure and the alarm of each safety monitoring point in the safety system.

4 Intelligent functions of manipulator:

4.1 One-click origin return: when the safety conditions are met, click the “origin return” button on the touch screen, and the X and Y axes of the device will automatically return to the origin;

Advantages: Common manipulator need to manually run to the positive direction of the origin can be restored, to achieve one-key origin restoration, no matter the equipment is in any position, can automatically reset to the origin, no need for other manual operation, simplify operation, improve production efficiency.

4.2 Manual and automatic mode switch simplification: adopt full touch screen control, simplify external manual automatic mode switch, the system automatically identifies the current operating mode;

Advantages: cancel the external selection switch as the mode switch, can prevent the operator in the operation of the mis-operation, more simplified operation, reduce the rate of mis-operation.

4.3 System I/O point monitoring function: input and output points (signals) of the system can be directly displayed and viewed on the touch screen.

Parameter lock function: Set interception password in the screen of setting machine operation parameters. Only engineers with authorized passwords can adjust and modify parameters, effectively preventing new employees from tampering with operation parameters.

Advantages: effectively prevent operators from tampering with the operation parameters;

4.4 Parameter lock password can be modified: if the user wants to change the lock password, as long as the old password can choose whether to change the lock password;

Advantages: Improved password security,

4.5 Feeding position and feeding position running height can be set to different sizes: manipulator in the feeding position of the falling height can be set and feeding position of the height is not the same.

Advantages: make the equipment applicable to a wider range;

4.6 Historical fault query: when the fault has been reset, you can click query, you can view the fault directory and occurrence time and other information.

Advantages: More convenient operation and maintenance;

4.7 Punch action instructions: operators in the manual operation of the punch, sometimes miss stamping a punch, this function is to show whether the punch has stamping.

Advantages: effectively prevent the mold damage caused by leakage stamping.

4.8 Display of operating conditions: the upper left corner of the running screen will display the operating conditions that the current mode needs to meet.

Advantages: easy operation and humanized.

4.9 Current status display: the screen will display the main operating status and parameters, real-time monitoring of various operating parameters.

Advantages: Clear operation, simple and user-friendly, no need to switch the screen or select a switch to monitor the state.

4.10 One-stroke operation: This function can be selected when the equipment only wants to perform one moving task and one stamping.

Advantages: No additional Settings, click the button on the auto screen to turn this function on and off

4.11 Line speed calculation: when the machine runs automatically, the system will automatically calculate the current running speed of the whole production line and display.

Advantages: production efficiency at a glance.

4.12. All the power of manipulator is controlled by intelligent servo motor system.

Advantages: high controllability, simple operation, high safety factor.

4.13. Output counting function: production output statistics, including the current output and cumulative output.

Advantages: The output can be viewed and accumulated, and the current output can be reset to zero.

4.14 Arm detection and selection function: product detection in the production line can choose whether to take effect.

Advantages: it can operate the effective position and quantity of product inspection.

4.15 Punch line selection function: in the production process that does not need all the punch action, you can choose whether the punch line action.

Advantages: Can be closed alone without action of the press

4.16 Press machine forced function: can force a production line in one or more punch offline, offline punch completely and manipulator completely independent, (when a punch failure to use, or select part of the punch line to do a single punch)

Advantages: Can force the press out of control when needed, improve production efficiency,

4.17 Press machine abnormal processing function: can be connected to the punch screen or punch abnormal signal to the manipulator, so that any fault in the production line will emergency stop the whole line work

Advantages: improve safety and prevent production personnel from entering dangerous areas

4.18 Function of the first product (start in sequence) When you just start work, because there are no products in all the molds in the production line, you can choose the function of the first product at this time, and the system will automatically judge and start in sequence. No need to manually press a single product before operation.

Advantages: improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity of workers.

4.19 The last product function (sequential stop) When off work or the product has been produced to the required number, you can choose this function, the system will automatically judge the sequential stop, until there is no product on the mold, the machine will automatically stop running.

Advantages: improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity of workers

4.20 Bad thing missing parts function: if the production process, a location for other reasons not stamping products or missing artifacts, at this point do not need artificial running alone to single shot, simply select click missing location, and then click run, the system will automatically judge blocked the corresponding position, after the product automatically return to normal operation of the original set parameters.

Advantages: improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity of workers.

4.21 Equipped with lubrication function, each manipulator is equipped with oiler.

4.22 Anti-double detection function: prevent two or more products from entering the mold at the same time. (For sheet material)

Advantages: protection mold due to multiple pieces of products at the same time stamping damage

4.23 One-button processing suction abnormal judgment: in the process of taking material, the system found that there is abnormal material or suction, will pop up the screen prompt, and you can choose to automatically put the product back to the original position or stop at the current position.

Advantages: improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity of workers.

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